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SmartDocs is a document management platform that revolutionizes the way organizations capture, manage and share knowledge across the enterprise. Leveraging on advanced cloud computing technology, SmartDocs is a fully integrated and smart solution that helps enterprises to organize and archive their document repositories and collaborate across teams with no fear of data theft. SmartDocs is designed with advanced security features that help in creating a secure, shared online workspace for user groups, employees and external stakeholders in an organization allowing them to collaborate for improved operational efficiency and business benefit.
Mirrored Document Archiving
SmartDocs automatically handles all document backup which removes the trouble of manually uploading the documents. SmartDocs Agent takes care of all scenarios such as new file creation, files copy, downloads from the internet or e-mail, document modification, rename etc and automatically uploads these to the SmartDocs server without any manual intervention. This feature of smartdocs ensures that the user don’t forget to upload important files.
Advanced Security
SmartDocs provides utmost security through encryption and decryption of files during transmission and in storage. Administrators can manage and control user settings and permissions to restrict user access to specific files and folders. Files are categorized as private and public or read-only, editable and downloadable, ensuring granular access controls. SmartDocs supports password protection, expiry dates for shared links and folders, login credentials and designate file permissions to ensure high security standards through the organization.
Seamless Collaboration
Today’s workplaces thrive on connectivity and collaboration. SmartDocs is the perfect solution for seamlessly collaborating in a controlled secure environment. SmartDocs allows project administrators to create groups and assign members to projects. Members can invite others to view, edit, follow or comment on files. Real-time alerts update members on changes to folders, new uploads and activity on specific areas.
Instant Search and Preview
SmartDocs provides a thumbnail preview of the first 4 pages of any document giving you a view of the document contents before opening it. With full text indexing of the complete content SmartDocs allows instant search of entire folders. You can search documents on the basis of user created tags, the document creator, date range or on specific words or phrases. Accurate search results appear within seconds saving you time that would have been lost trying to locate documents.
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